Friday, January 20, 2012

So it's been a while!!

Sometimes life gets in the way of what I want to do. What do I want to do you ask? Well I want to blog. Sure it's been a while, 2 years as a matter of fact. Oops, my bad! I love blogging and sharing my thoughts, experiences, and pictures of my life. I was doing so well keeping up with Dowdle Dayz! life got CRAZY!!! First, we got a new dog, love him, but honestly it's harder than having a baby (just an FYI). Second, we bought a new dental practice. Love it, but I feel like we live there and that the work takes up my blogging time. Third, my camera died. We bought a new one and it never worked right (took red pictures). Fourth, my computer died (printer too). It took hours to upload pictures to the computer and more hours getting the pictures on the blog. Then I got a new computer and it was so different, I had no idea how to use it. Couldn't figure out how to upload pictures. It was maddening!! So with all these things (plus running a family) I gave up blogging. I wanted to blog but it was just so frustrating with my little obstacles. I have felt guilty not keeping up on the blog and I have missed it a ton. So I made a goal that I was going to figure this all out! And here I am BLOGGING again! I can't promise that you'll see a post every week but hopefully every month. That's my goal for this year, a post a month. I might surprise you and add more a month, but we'll start with just one for now!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Quiet Rylee!!

I just love this little monster! Rylee keeps us laughing all the time (that is when she's not in trouble!). We had a funny moment with her in church last Sunday. Of coarse it had to be during the Sacrament. She is waiting patiently for the bread to be passed around. It finally comes to her and she looks at me and asks "My turn?", I nod my head and tell her yes. She starts digging to the bottom of the tray for the biggest piece of bread. She says, "I want a big one!" Dan and I both tell her to just take one and to stop touching the other pieces. She finally finds her big piece and then looks at it, sits there for a minute and then YELLS, "I want butter, where's the butter?" If you know Rylee you know when she talks it's not quiet. There were many people around us turning and laughing. We both told her to just eat it and to be quiet. So much for being reverent during the Sacrament!?! Oh how we love these funny little moments!!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I finally gave in and joined the facebook world. If I haven't added you as a friend yet, find me and I will.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dancing Queen

My little caboose has joined the dancing world and it couldn't have come fast enough for her. This girlie loves to dance (probably because her older sisters do too)!!
Rylee has been VERY stubborn about potty training. My other girls were completely potty trained before they were 2 1/2. Rylee however turned 3 last November and well let's just say she's doing better. The one and only incentive I had left (I had tried about 6) for her was dance. She wanted to take dance soooooooo bad but I wouldn't let her until she was potty trained. A couple months ago she wouldn't even go near a toilet. So dance has worked. Yippee!! She's almost 100%, she just has an accident every once in a while.
She was so funny on her first day at dance. I stayed to watch her and she was telling the teacher what SHE wanted to do. She would constantly look over at me and wave and yell "Hi mom, you watching me?" I would just nod my head and remind her to watch her teacher.
She loved every bit of it. She was mad at me though because when dance was over we left without a costume. It was only the first day, the teacher still needed to order it. So everyday this month she has asked me if her costume is here yet when we go out to get the mail. She also reminds me all the time that she has dance on Fridays and not to forget.
What can I say, she's a doll. I haven't gone back to watch her again because I want her to focus on her dance and not me. She just shows me what see learned when she gets home and all week long until it's Friday again and then it all starts over. I love go Dancing Queen!!
**Early January 2010**

Sunday, February 7, 2010

More about Max

Max was a great dog on Christmas day. We drug him around all over town. He didn't wine or bark, he just went along with everything. He played with the girls and the rest of the family. He seemed to be enjoying his new toys and family. He didn't sleep much either. The day after Christmas though, this little guy slept almost the entire day. I think we wore him out.
He was so funny. He would hide under our couch and just sit there watching all of us. His little nose would stick out from under the couch every once in a while. It was his safe place. He slept there most of the day. It was so cute to see his little furry nose sticking out.
Despite the potty training, he has really been a sweet little dog. He's made us laugh and brought a lot of smiles to some little girl's faces. Some fun facts about Max:
-He was born on October 29, 2009
-He is the oldest of 3 boys
-His Mom, Sadie, weighs only 3.5 lbs and his Dad, Cooper, is about the same
-His entire name is Maxwell Cooper
-We got him when he was almost 8 weeks old
-At his 8 week old vet appointment, he weighed 2.5 lbs, he is now 3.5 lbs
-He loves to attack his moose and blanket
-He loves his belly tickled. I think if he could laugh he would when we tickle him We love having him in our family!!

**End of December 2009**

Love, love, love them...

I love these 3 little girls!! **Christmas Dresses 2009**

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Man's Best Friend

So after getting the girls to bed on Christmas night, I go into our bedroom and find Dan with his new best friend. I had to laugh because Dan was the one who did not want to get a dog. He fought it for years. It's funny, because of all of us I think Dan likes Max the most. I guess it's a male bonding thing?!?!

I think that Max likes Dan too!!!
Yep-that's my cute boys. It's kind of fun to say that.
**Christmas Night 2009**

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Christmas Day 2009

So Christmas is always busy for us, but I wouldn't have it any other way. We get to spend the day with family. There's nothing better than family. After opening presents at our house we headed over to Grandma and Grandpa Cowdell's house (Mom's side of the fam) for Christmas Casserole (my favorite part of Christmas!!). It's so yummy! I love this picture of Grandpa Jack and his favorite furry buddy Jade.
After breakfast, we head to my parent's house for lunch with my Dad's side of the family. We open more presents, eat and sing karaoke. My Mom always makes good food!!
It was a couple of fun filled days. It's always a marathon, but we love it!! I think this picture of Rylee sums it all up...nap time!!
**December 25, 2009**

Christmas Morning 2009

Another successful Christmas has come and gone. As always we were blessed with some great gifts. Grandpa Dowdle gave the girls Grandma Dowdle's keyboard she used before she passed away. He just made us promise that we would take good care of it and get the girls in piano lessons. I'm working on that!! Our Christmas piles were a little smaller this time because of our new furry little addition. We told the girls that if we got a REAL dog that would be most of their Christmas. They didn't seem to mind at all.
Dan picked Max up on Christmas Eve night while I put the girls to bed and made sure they were asleep. When he brought Max home, we had so much fun playing with him. He was a little nervous at first but we quickly became buddies. I was surprised that he sleep most of the night. I was prepared to stay up all night with a new puppy. He was a trooper though, not even a little noise came out of him.
We woke the girls up and they were nervous because they didn't hear a dog barking. Way to cooperate Max and stay quiet!! Good dog!
On the way out to see if there is a puppy...
"Way to go Santa!! He brought us a dog!" That's what we heard from Brinley when she opened her eyes. Baylee was speechless and got BIG tears in her eyes. She just froze in her place. I think she was in shock. Rylee was excited too but went quickly to her new Princess piano.
It was instant friendship with this little guy!!
After we finally got them away from Max, we opened the rest of their presents. It was sheer delight!! Baylee got her LIV dolls, Brinley got an iPod, and Rylee got a Princess piano. They also got some DVDs and stocking stuffers.
Then they opened their presents from each other. Rylee had chocolate for breakfast. Half of her candy out of her sock was gone before we knew it. O-well, it's Christmas, you can have chocolate all day if you want.
It was a fabulous Christmas. This little guy made a few little girls very happy!! We're excited to have him be part of our family!!
**Christmas Morning 2009**

From the Elves

It's no surprise what's inside the boxes that sit under our Christmas tree for a month that is from the Elves. The girls love these boxes. All month long I hear them talking about these boxes. They sit and guess what their Christmas PJ's will look like. It's always a fun surprise when they finally get to see them!!
They were a hit!! The Elves sent them with cute little Minni Mouse bags.
It was almost impossible to get a good picture of them. They were bouncing all over the place.
I think they liked them. Thanks Elves!!
**Christmas PJ's 2009**

Christmas Eve with the Dowdles

We had a fun Christmas Eve!! We go bowling every year with the Dowdles. The kids are all getting older so it makes for some fun bowling watching them.I am the Queen of Gutter Balls. My girls had higher scores than me. At least I try!?!?
After bowling we head back to Grandpa Dowdles house for dinner and the presentation of the Christmas Story. Aunt Lacey gathers all the kids and they perform, with hand puppets (made by Grandma Dowdle), the story of the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Rylee was pretty excited that she was the Angel and the Star. Good job kiddos, watching these guys is always a favorite tradition of mine.
Then it's time for presents. We draw names with all of Dan's brothers and sisters and their families. Out of 7 Dowdle kids, there are only 3 that still live in Utah. This is a way that the family can be unified at Christmas even though they are scattered all over the country. We all know that somewhere out there all the other Dowdles are opening presents on Christmas Eve too!! We always love the gifts we get.
Picture time with Grandpa Dowdle. He has 15 grandkids, but only 6 of them live here.
Say "cheese" Green Family-Paul, Mindy (Dan's sister), Nathan, Ben, and Collin
We had a great Christmas Eve! Lots of presents and lots of fun!!

**Christmas Eve 2009**

Christmas Eve at the Harris'

Everyone close your eyes and see what Grandpa and Grandma Santa left for you...

Rylee was so excited to see what she got for Christmas from Grandpa and Grandma Harris.

We mixed things up a bit this Christmas. Usually we have "Christmas" 5 times on Christmas Day, but this year my Dad worked on that day so we decided to celebrate on Christmas Eve morning with them. It was very nice and made for a more relaxing Christmas for us. Grandpa and Grandma surprised them with a karaoke machine. They all love to sing (I didn't say they sing on key, but they like to sing). They all got just what they wanted. Baylee got an iHome for her iPod, Brinley got her 3 Musketeer Barbies, and Rylee got a hospital bed for her babies. I'm loving this picture of Dr. Rylee!!

We had a fun morning watching everyone open their gifts. There were lots of smiles and loves. Dan and I got a very nice surprise from my parents. We got this Christmas sock that is as tall as me filled with newspaper. At the bottom of the sock was a new bowl. I pulled it out and handed it to Dan. He opened it and it was full of cash. No those are NOT ones in there. BIG variety of bills. Lets just say that it covered the cost of finishing our Consult Room at the new dental office and then some. Thanks Mom and Dad for the bowl full of "greens" (that's my favorite kind of greens, I'll take a serving of them anytime!!)
The girls got these cute ruffle skirts that we could not get off of them. They have become the new fav at our house. So cute!!
I would say it was a rockin' Christmas from Grandpa, Grandma, and Krista. Aunt Krista gave the girls this guitar. Rylee never seems to put it down.
**Christmas Eve Morning 2009**